How to Renew Your Security Guard License

Are you looking to renew your Ontario security guard license? Discover renewal requirements and tips for success to advance your security career.

It’s crucially important for security guards to renew their licenses before it expires. They need it to keep their jobs, avoid fees, and comply with Ministry regulations. Keeping a valid license also helps protect the security guard and their employer when major incidents occur, showing that a properly trained guard was on duty and acted appropriately.

Remember, working as a security guard without a valid license is illegal. If your license is expired, it’s not valid. Security guard licenses expire two birthdays after they are issued or last renewed, which would not surpass two years. Security guards are notified two months before their license’s expiration date.

Here’s what you need to know to get a security guard’s license renewed in Ontario.

The Security Guard License Renewal Process

The renewal process includes an online training course, an in-person exam, and a Ministry application. Get the details below, answers to common questions, and advice for the easiest, fastest, and smoothest experience.

Qualify For Renewal

In Ontario, eligibility for a license means you must be 18 or older. Renewal requires you also remain:

In addition to your CRJMC, you’ll need other documents to submit your application.

Gather Your Documents

Alongside your clean criminal record verification (CRJMC) from your current mailing address, you’ll need to gather some things to verify you’re a resident and meet renewal criteria. Other documents include:

  • Your test completion number (TCN) (more on that next)

  • Proof of address

  • A PDF of your CRJMC

  • A passport-quality photo

  • Two different valid IDs — digital copies of front and back:

    • One to prove identity

    • One to prove work eligibility

While you collect these documents, you can sign up for training.

Step 1: 33.5 Hours of Training

For renewal, security guards must complete the 33.5-hour Security Guard Training course with a Ministry-approved provider. With Ontario Security License, this training includes 12 online modules plus practice quizzes to prep for the Ministry exam. It covers:

  1. Licensing process overview

  2. Overview of private security roles and responsibilities

  3. The Private Security and Investigative Services Act (PSIS) Act and MCOC

  4. Basic security procedures

  5. Report writing best practices

  6. Health and safety

  7. Emergency response preparedness

  8. Canadian legal processes

  9. Canadian legal authorities

  10. How to communicate effectively

  11. Sensitivity training

  12. Use of force theory

While Ontario does not require CPR Certification renewal simultaneously, the 7.5-hour in-person CPR course can be taken alongside the Security Guard Training.

After completing the training with a 63% or higher, you receive a testing completion number (TCN) to include on your application.

A security guard can only skip this training if they are transferring from another province. That out-of-province (OOP) security guard license is still valid at the time of renewal in Ontario.

Step 2: Take the Ministry Exam

With your TCN, you can book your Ministry renewal exam online (if paying by credit/debit card) to take in person at a local Drive.

The Ministry security guard renewal exam includes 60 multiple-choice questions. To pass, you must get at least 38 of those questions correct (63%).

The Ministry emails results in about two days.

Step 3: Submit the Ministry Renewal Application

To renew their license, security guards must submit a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC), which the training course provider can help facilitate. Then, you’ll create a One-Key account to submit the online application, including all required documents covered above.

It’s recommended to apply online, but security guard renewals are also processed by mail.

Cost Of Renewing A Security Guard License

The cost of the Security Guard Training Course with Ontario Security License is $199 + HST.

The cost of taking the renewal exam is $35.00 + HST.

Finally, Ontario charges a fee of $80 to apply for a renewed license.

The total cost of a security guard renewing an Ontario Security License would be about $320. The security guard’s employer typically covers this cost.

How Long It Takes to Renew

To be safe, start the renewal process a few months before your license expires.

Online training with Ontario Security License typically takes 4-5 days, depending on the student’s schedule, preference, and urgency.

The in-person renewal exam can be completed in about an hour, and results come in about two days.

Finally, The Ministry application for renewal takes two weeks when submitted online or up to 30 days if submitted by mail.

Security Guard Renewal Process FAQ

For more information, contact an Ontario security guard license renewal course provider.

How to address expired licenses

If your license expires, you will have to pay late fees. You may also not be allowed to work, as your employer would be out of compliance.

How to handle name or address changes

With a valid license, you can change your information online. Otherwise, you need to fill out and mail this form.

Tips For a Fast, Easy, and Smooth Renewal

In addition to studying what you’ve read above and saving this link to reference throughout the process, here’s how to avoid delays and frustrations.

Plan Ahead

Gather all your documents ahead of time and mark all important dates on your calendar. Make sure to plan for the time you’ll spend in training courses and for taking exams.

Remember, you can renew up to 90 days ahead of expiration. Because an expired license will impact your ability to earn a living as a security guard, there’s no sense in waiting until the last minute.

Get Organized

Store all your documents in one place and make sure you have copies (ideally digital) of everything you need and will submit. You’ll also want a way to take notes during training, in a notebook, or on your computer.

Triple-Check For Accuracy

Don’t let a typo, outdated address, name change, or incorrect date throw off the process. Confirm everything you submit and ensure your documents match each other. Even the smallest of errors can lead to a problem with your application and, ultimately, the validity of your security guard license.

Check Your Status

You can check the status of your application by entering your license number here. In case of any issues, you can catch them right away and reach out to get them resolved. Your license renewal is your responsibility, so ensuring your contact information is up to date and checking your status is always advised. Even a perfect application and exam score can hit unexpected snags.

Keep Your Employer Informed

Don’t wait for your employer to remind you — get your license renewed proactively and well before it impacts your eligibility to serve as a security guard legally.

Keep Your Record Clean

Not only will breaking the law show your employer you might not be the best fit as a security guard, but it will also derail your renewal process. Without a renewed license, a security guard cannot legally work in the profession, which will likely compound as lost wages and legal bills add up.

Get Renewal Assistance

Pursuing your security guard renewal process through an online course provider like Ontario Security License means you get a guided process with an Exam Pass Guarantee and available job placement. They even help with completing forms and applications and can assist in English, Farsi, Hindi, and Punjabi languages.

Get your security guard license renewed from a reputable Ministry-approved provider in your area. The easy online process walks you through eligibility and three steps to renewal — including live instructors available 24/7 to provide a helping hand and avoid delays.


Get trained and land a job as a security guard!