Is the Ontario Security Guard test difficult?

Most pass the Ontario security guard exam on their first try, needing at least 63% to succeed. Performance varies by test-taking ability, with a 75-minute time limit for 60 MCQs. A Training Completion Number (TCN) is required, provided by Ontario Security License after completing their online training, with TCNs issued within 24 hours.

Some statistics

Based on our observations, most individuals pass the Ontario security guard examination on their first try, though some may need a second attempt. It's rare for someone to require three or more attempts.

What is required

To pass the 60-question multiple-choice (MCQ) test, candidates must score at least 63%. A person's performance on the Ontario security guard test can vary depending on their ability to take tests.

For those who tend to overanalyze answers or struggle with time pressure, the test could present more of a challenge. Test-takers have 75 minutes to complete the exam, which averages to just over a minute for each question. Regarding scenario-based questions, the Ministry seeks answers that apply in most cases rather than in rare or unusual situations.

Training Completion Number

Before attempting the Ontario security guard exam, candidates must obtain a Training Completion Number (TCN), which necessitates completing a security guard training program. Ontario Security License, a ministry-licensed security agency, provides online training for security guards, including access to 350 practice questions and answers. Prospective security guards can begin their training by registering on our website.

We aim to issue Training Completion Numbers within 24 hours after finishing the course, enabling candidates to take their exam promptly.

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