Security Guard Resume Guide: How to Write a Good Resume

Before you head out to purchase your security guard uniform or even begin prepping for an interview, you need to get your security guard-specific resume in tip-top shape.

What is a Security Guard Resume?

A security guard's resume is a clear and compelling document showcasing their experience, accomplishments, training, certifications, and any other background relevant to the role. Its goal is to quickly communicate to the potential employer that you’re a top choice for the job.

Here’s how to build yours from top to bottom.

Security Guard Resume Basics

Employers look for relevant experience and a history of achievement and development that shows the potential hire would be an asset to the team. More importantly, they need to understand all your relevant experience as quickly and clearly as possible.

When sifting through dozens or even hundreds of resumes, employers have to make quick decisions to efficiently reduce the list of candidates to a more manageable group. Interviewing and checking references takes time, so employers want to set themselves up for the best chance of finding the best available candidate in the least amount of time.

Before considering the content of your job history, you need to plan for a resume in a familiar format, layout, and design. It has to be easy to scan and glance at and still have a memorable impact. Using keywords and job duties as they’re listed in the job description helps show you’re a good fit without getting into the details (which the employer will do on their next round of resume comparison).

The best template for a security guard resume best fits your background. If you have a solid recent history in the field, a chronological resume format showcases your career progression in an easy-to-follow way. It also sets up the job you’re interviewing for as the next logical step in your career.

A functional resume template, on the other hand, is an excellent choice for candidates whose most recent experience might not be their most relevant. In this format, you will first list a job from a few years ago if it includes more security guard-like responsibilities. You can then choose to sort the remaining jobs by how relevant or recent they are. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s not difficult to understand.

The most common word processors, Google Docs and Microsoft Word, have built-in resume templates. Start with one of those, then use the following guide to edit the template to suit your unique experience and the role you’re applying for.

However, if you want to save time and increase the chances of getting hired by your dream company, you can also use Ontario Security License's resume builder, which employs the best practices and makes your application stand out. The resume builder is part of the Ontario Security License's two highest packages. Yo

Writing Your Security Guard Resume

Let’s get started. Include the following sections in your resume. These will align with what’s included in most word processors' built-in resume templates, but you can customize them to some degree depending on your tech skills.

Contact Information

Who are you, and how can the employer reach you? Are you local, within reasonable commuting distance to the office, or are you stationed wherever the role might be? Don’t leave your employer to guess! Fill in your:

  • Full legal name (as it appears on your license)

  • Physical address (at least city and state)

  • Phone number

  • Email address

You can also include your current or ideal job title, such as "Security Guard" or "Personal Security Detail," depending on the role you are applying for.


Near the top of your resume, include a short 1-2 sentence summary of your history, what you’re looking for, and why you’re fit for the role. This could be something like:

"With 5 years of experience in similar roles, I am seeking a security guard position that will allow me to use my comprehensive skill set to protect people, property, and premises safely and reliably."

Or, if you’re breaking into the industry, you might say something like:

"After recently earning my security guard license, I am eager to start my career in a role that leverages and develops the training I’ve received. In addition, I have experience in duties similar to a security guard’s, such as crowd control, customer service, and physical fitness."

Of course, you would customize the last line to suit your experience, education, or hobbies. Practicing self-defense, martial arts, or some other relevant skill can help you stand out and show personal commitment.

Licenses Certifications

Once the employer knows who you are and if you’re a generally relevant candidate, they need to make sure you're adequately licensed as a security guard in the region of employment. Make sure your licensure is clear, bold, and up to date on your resume.

If you need to renew your security guard license, do it at least a few months before it expires so there’s no gap on your resume.

This section should also include any relevant certifications, such as CPR, first aid, or specialized security training. If you have additional certifications irrelevant to this role, you can include those later (with your education, for instance) so that they don’t distract from what makes you the best security guard. They can still show off your character, but you can' waste any precious time getting to what your potential employer is looking for.


Listing your past jobs in chronological (most recent first) or functional (most relevant first) order is fine. To make it clear precisely what, where, and when this job was, format each to include:

  • Company name

  • Job title

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Location

That might look something like:

King’s Jewelers, Lead security guard

January 2020 - March 2024

Toronto, Ontario Additionally, you need to write out the duties, responsibilities, and achievements of each past job. Do this as a couple of quick sentences or using a bulleted list.

The best employment summaries for security guards will show how they’ve demonstrated success in the various roles of a security guard. Write your summary with the job you want, not necessarily the job you had then. That’s why it’s essential to tailor your resume to each job you apply for instead of sending the same one to everyone.

Don’t stretch the truth, though. Reframe your achievements or explain their relevance, but don’t lie.

Use active voice, don’t make any spelling or grammar errors, and stick to the essential details. With these tips in mind, you’ll stand out against most resumes in the pile.


You can include specific achievements or relevant coursework in addition to your schooling. Security guard jobs require training and licensure, so be sure to include the details of the organization that provided your instruction and prepped you for the exam.

List the schools you’ve attended, including high school and after, and the dates you attended and graduated. If it helps make your case, include your grade point average and any extracurricular activities.

Security Guard Resume Format Examples

Let’s put it all together — here’s a sample security guard’s resume. This includes the basics and needs to be formatted into an appealing design using a word processor. You could also include a smiling headshot photo at the top of your resume to add a personal touch and put a face to the name. Jonathan D. Smith, Senior Security Guard

123 Main St.

Toronto, ON


[email protected]


With 10 years of experience as a security guard in retail and entertainment venue environments, I’m eager to take on the role of senior security specialist. This role will leverage my crowd control, asset protection, and surveillance equipment experience, as well as my reliable and dedicated personality.

Licenses & Certifications

  • Security guard exam, Ontario testing completion number (TCN): ###

  • Completed Exam Ready Guard Training (With CPR)


King’s Jewelers, Lead security guard

January 2020 - March 2024

Toronto, Ontario

  • Trained a 10-person team, reducing security incidents by 40%.

  • Implemented new security protocols, significantly reducing thefts.

  • Coordinated with law enforcement for improved emergency response.

  • Conducted risk assessments, introducing cutting-edge security tech.

House of Rock, Event security specialist April 2016 - January 2020 Toronto, Ontario

  • Managed security for 200+ events, ensuring attendee and staff safety.

  • Implemented crowd control strategies, preventing disturbances.

  • Ensured compliance with safety regulations, reducing legal liabilities.

  • Resolved incidents professionally, maintaining a positive atmosphere.

Electronics Galore, Retail protection specialist

February 2014 - March 2016

Toronto, Ontario

  • Monitored surveillance, leading to a 30% decrease in shrinkage.

  • Trained staff on security awareness and enhancing loss prevention.

  • Managed inventory control measures, reducing inventory discrepancies.

  • Handled customer disputes, effectively de-escalating situations.


Completion: Exam Ready Guard Training (With CPR)

Ontario Security License

November 2013 - January 2014


Neighborhood Secondary School

Graduated 2013

An example resume built with Ontario Security License's resume builder can be viewed here.

Set Yourself Up for Success

To write the most impressive security guard resume, follow these tips and remember to present your experience in a way that makes the most sense for the job you want — not the jobs you’ve had. Ready to explore a career in security? Take the next step and get the training you need to become a licensed security guard successfully.

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